07b 07 09Steven Young has been emersed in all things creative from an early age, drumming in heavy rock
bands Cadmium and Rag Doll with brother Andrew Young in the mid to late 80s and forming
progressive rock band The Magic Otters with musical collaborators Fil Hill and Joe Kover in which
Steven is still drumming\producing.

The Young brothers formed Big White Stairs (1991 – 96) with Steven as vocalist and released three
7” singles and two 10” EPs, the band performing three live sessions for Mark Radcliffe on Radio One
and Radio 5 and extensively touring the country on their notorious ‘Scars & Guitars’ tour. After the
band split in 1996 Steven and Andrew formed Sylvain, a short lived punk rock band inspired by the
New York Dolls, before leaving the position of vocalist aside to study at Vancouver Film School in
During his two and a half year stay in Vancouver Steven wrote and directed two short films “Blank”
(Kino Festival Manchester, Toronto online Film Festival, Slamdance Festival Utah) and “Haly Saint”
(New York International Film & Video Festival, Glastonbury Film Festival amongst others) using an all
Canadian volunteer crew and equipment donated by the Vancouver Film Council.
On return to the UK in 2003 Steven wrote & directed the hour long puppet film “Absentia” created
with his collaborator in all things miniature Stephen ‘Bricky’ Burgess. Absentia, thigh largely ignored
by film festivals due to its 60 minute running time, has since gained a modest cult following on

Steven then moved into the making of music videos, directing/shooting the video for Bad
Lieutenant’s ‘Twist Of Fate’ single, then two music videos “All I Want Is Now” and “Solar Scene”
(Berlin International Film Festival) for his own band Haly Saint.
Steven and his partner Rebecca Smith formed Macclesfield’s Shabby Road Studios in 2015, an art, film and recording space, the
music video for “Glorious” by Jake Evans being the first bold and colourful work to emerge from the
studio along with the imminent release of the second Magic Otters album “Hello Satan” recorded
and produced by Fil Hill and Steven Young and the film ‘Saturnalia’ written & directed by Steven
Young which is currently midway through production.